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Specialised in line drawings & paper cut-outs.


After successfully graduating in the top 10 percent of my class at the Ruudt Wackers Academy for fine arts in Amsterdam, I followed an additional study in Barcelona at the international art academy Estudio Nomada.


During this period I came into contact with various modern and alternative forms of art. My interest went towards working in the direction of Illustrations, 3-D installation art and ceramics as well as using different materials, such as paper, cardboard & cement. 

Back in Amsterdam, I focused completely on drawing (often in combination with watercolor) subjects in which the realistic and surrealistic forms merge together


Besides drawings and paintings I also make paper cut-outs. My love for working with paper has grown the past few years. I’ve noticed how endless the possibilities are while working with paper.

What makes paper cutting so interesting is that, unlike painting, there is clearly an end to it. That is what I love about this art form. Everything is connected and it doesn't matter how much you cut out, it ultimately forms a whole.


Once you started there is no way back and it makes the effort challenging.


I use different patterns for the feathers or for particular parts of the body to give my birds and extra detail to admire.

I'm mostly inspired by the Eastern European & the Ashkenazi jewish style; very diverse and rich on details and all despite the lack of color.


2014 – 2015 Estudio Nomada Barcelona, Spain

2010 – 2014 Ruudt Wackers Academy Amsterdam


In 2018 an article has been written about me and my work in a professional magazine of the organisation for paper-cut artists in Israel.

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